About ILFusion



ILFusion stands for International Latin Fusion, what means to us that no matter who you are and where came from we all joined by passion of Latin Dancing! Dance motivates us to be better, happier and successful.

ILFusion has been formed by three very different but united with one dream young women: Diana, Ludmila and Viktorija with support of many great people all the way long. We do believe that it is time for Aberdeen to great dancers from all over the world with welcoming Dancing Festival, 3rd edition of which is going to be happening in September 2019. In order to achieve that ILFusion is organizing a series of dancing events including weekly workshops, workshops with guest teachers and amazing parties.

Our target is to create attractive dancing environment not just for our great dancing community, but for dancers who possibly does not know yet how charming Aberdeen can be. We do have all necessary facilities to make that happen: reliable partners, welcoming atmosphere and what is the most important – wonderful people.




Just to come and have fun

You, as a customer of International Latin Fusion you are joining our fantastic Scottish dancing family!

Therefore, all we need from you is to come , have fun and dance all night.