Dance Styles



Surely you’ve heard of Salsa – but what is it?

Salsa is a dance for Salsa music created by Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean. Salsa dancing mixes African and European dances to create a fun, energetic and social dance on a hot Latin beat. There are two main styles of Salsa: Crossbody (also called LA or NY style) and Cuban.

Throughout the festival, you will have the chance to experience workshops in both styles with some of the top teachers on the globe !





Bachata is a dance originating from the Dominican Republic, danced on the music of the same name, which featured traditional instruments and a somewhat energetic couple dance based mostly on footwork.

However, the dance evolved greatly over the last few years, going towards more arms-based and sensual moves, thus creating Bachata Moderna, Sensual and Fusion, which are often danced on a slower beat with more sensuality and connection.

Thanks to our variety of artists, all styles will be taught and danced at the festival, allowing you to enjoy whichever style you may prefer !





Originating from Angola, Kizomba is a sensual dance where the whole body is used to lead the partner very smoothly, slowly and sensuously, all on a slow, romantic and sensuous rhythm.

Although rather unknown in the UK even a few years ago, popularity of Kizomba has greatly increased over the last few years, and upon joining our workshops and socials, you will know why !




Other Styles

There are many other styles at the Festival, such as Semba, Urban-Kiz, Rueda de Casino and more! Get your pass today to experience them all !